Ayurveda (Ah-yer-vay-dah) literally means “the art of living wisely” or “the science of life and longevity”. It is a profound science of living that encompasses the whole of life and relates the individual to the universe and considers mind, body and spirit together. It is a holistic system of healing in the truest sense.

Ayurveda is timeless – it has existed for over 5000 years but yet it still applies to modern day life. Today it is recognized by the World Health Organization as a natural health care system. The key to its longevity is because Ayurveda is logical. An early description given in the Charaka Samhita (the earliest Ayurvedic literature) written circa 150BCE-100CE says: “It is called ayurveda because it tells us which substances, qualities and actions are life enhancing, and which are not.”



Ayurvedic Shirodhara


In general, Ayurveda teaches that if life is lived in accordance with prakruti, or basic body-mind constitution, then a natural youthfulness is maintained throughout life. According to ayurveda, health is a perfect state of balance between the body’s three fundamental energies or doshas (vata,pitta, kapha) and an equally vital balance among body, mind and soul or consciousness. In working to create health, Ayurveda therefore takes in to consideration all these different levels of life and how they are interconnected.

Ayurveda teaches us that we have a constitution, our own mix of the doshas, which is our individual psychobiological makeup. In modern terms we speak of this blue print as our inherited genetic code, from ancient times Ayurveda has called it prakruti, a constant factor that does not change throughout life.

From the moment of conception, this individual constitution is created by the energies of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These five elements combine into the three fundamental energies or doshas known as VATA, PITTA, KAPHA.

The 5 principles of life

  1. Life is a relationship. We are all affected by each other and our environment.
  2. Our most important relationship is with ourselves. Walking through life with complete awareness is the key to health.
  3. All human beings are body-mind-spirit complex. Each of these parts is interrelated.
  4. Matter develops from consciousness. A simple example: Thought creates action.
  5. All flows in all parts of an organism are in constant interaction and influence with each other. Learning to locate and understand the flow of prana (life force energy) allows us to redirect prana to where it is needed and use our mental cognition with awareness and care.

Ayurvedic Treatments







Ayurveda is the traditional medical system of India, meaning “ayur” (life) and “veda” (knowledge) in Sanskrit. Ayurveda holds that the universe comprises of five elements: Air (prana), Fire, Earth, Ether (space) and Water; which are in a state of perpetual motion, interacting with each other. In combination, the five elements form the three vital doshas (Tridosha):

  • Kapha (Earth + Water)
  • Pitta (Fire + Water)
  • Vata (Air + Space)

These doshas make up the physical and psychological aspects of the human being known as Prakriti or constitution. Imbalance of the tridosha caused by an impairment of Agni (digestive enzymes) results in ill health.


Vata represents momentum. It is responsible for all the bodily activities and sensations. It controls the movement of blood through the circulatory system, breathing, and the delivery of nutrients to the cells and the removal & excretion of waste products. These body types generally have poor circulation that results in dry skin that is prone to premature wrinkles. Vata skin have tendency towards chap and crack.

Vata needs Nourishment Do you need to balance your vata?

  • I often feel restless, unsettled
  • Takes me a while to get to sleep and easily interrupted.
  • I have dry skin.
  • I am easily fatigued.
  • I can be constipated at times.
  • I feel anxious, and worry too much.
  • I’m underweight.

If you have 2 or more of these systems you may need to balance your Vata.


Pitta Represents metabolism. It governs digestion and metabolic transformation of nutrients into biologically usable forms. It also imparts the capacity to absorb ideas and impressions and bestows intelligence and an enthusiasm for life. Pitta types generally have sensitive skin that is prone to acne, redness and with tendency toward pigmentation.

Pitta needs to be cooled and rebalance Do I need to balance my Pitta?

  • I tend to be demanding or critical
  • I am a perfectionist
  • I’m often frustrated, angry
  • I have skin rashes
  • I’m often irritable and impatient
  • My hair is prematurely gray, thinning
  • I don’t tolerate hot weather very well

If you have 2 or more of these symptoms you may need you Pitta balanced


Kapha provides substance and support. It gives strength and stability, both physically and psychologically. It enhances resistance to disease and promotes the healing process. In balance it promotes love, calmness & forgiveness. Out of balance it produces attachment, greed & envy. Kapha’s skin can be normal to oily with large pores and white head. The skin can easily become congested and become saggy or loose when not looked after properly.

Kapha needs stimulation Do I need my Kapha balanced?

  • I often feel complacent of dull.
  • My skin is oily
  • I tend to have slow digestion
  • I feel lethargic
  • I can be possessive, over-attached
  • I tend to oversleep
  • I’m overweight

If you have 2 or more of these symptoms you may need your Kapha balanced.

Our Ayurvedic Facials

Namastes Ayurvedic facials are no ordinary facials. Let us take you on a sensory journey of our beautiful facials and you will never look back. Tailored to achieve visible results your therapist will nurture you with a caring ritual and a facial customized to your unique needs. Begin your journey by choosing one of our balancing facials to reveal healthier, relaxed and refreshed skin.

All our beautiful treatments begin with a skin consultation to determine your current state of wellbeing. This is done by our experienced therapist before your treatment. Based on your ayurvedic consultation, your treatment is then customized to your unique needs.

Ayurvedic Facial Massage is not just cosmetic, but a deep and effective Ayurvedic therapy. It is designed to restore optimal function to the lymph and skin; removing stress and bringing a deep sense of relaxation to the mind and body.

In Ayurveda there are seven tissues or systems we treat in priority, known as the “dhatus.” The first of the seven is called the “rasa dhatu,” or the lymph of the body. The second is the blood, or the “rakta dhatu”.

Ayurvedic Facial Massage treats the lymph through the skin, which then prevents an imbalance from arising in the blood stream and stimulates lymphatic drainage from the skin into the circulatory system of the body. If the skin gets dry and toxic from the environment and the lymph becomes congested, the skin will be rendered non-functional. These impurities slotted for lymph and skin removal will be shunted into the muscles, joints and fat cells, creating problems there, and further age the texture of the skin.

If your lymphatic system is chronically congested, you may notice some of the following symptoms: wrinkles, dry skin, new skin tags or moles, eczema, rashes, itching skin, and edema (fluid retention), allergies, low thyroid, compromised immunity, headaches, sore throats, fatigue, sore feet, muscle or joint pain.

Your treatment will last approximately 45 minutes including consultation. You will need to wear a vest or strapless top to expose your decollatage, and we will cover your torso with a towel. Please remove all make up including mascara prior to treatment. we will start the treatment by cleansing and toning your face to remove dirt and oil from deep within your skin; followed by a specialist marma point massage incorporating areas of the face and neck using oil specific to your dosha type. The treatment will finish with a gentle scalp massage.

Benefits of an Ayurvedic Facial include:

  • More relaxed muscles and tissues of the face, neck and scalp
  • Improved appearance of the skin of the forehead, eyes, nose and mouth
  • Reduction in neck & shoulder tension
  • Healthy glow to the skin and reduced puffiness
  • Reduction in symptoms related to sinusitis, allergies, jaw tension, eye strain, headaches, stress, insomnia and many more

Vata Balancing Facial

For dry, delicate and rough skin to stay youthful; a hydrating, nurturing and soothing Vata balancing facial to counter dry, delicate, rough and ageing elements within the skin.

Namaste signature ayurvedic marma point facial massage with a potent ayurvedic herbal blend hydrates, tones and lift the skin to give it a long lasting glow.

Pitta Balancing Facial

For sensitive, oily and pimple prone skin to promote healing for sensitive, oily and pimple prone skin.

A gentle exfoliation and an Ayurvedic marma point facial massage to calm and cool the skin followed by a firming and purifying mud mask to repair and return strength of the skin and provide a clearer complexion.

Kapha Balancing Facial

A firming and lifting facial for combination skin, or skin that has a tendency to become sluggish and congested.

The facial involves an Ayurvedic marma point massage using nourishing Ayurvedic herbs to stimulate circulation and help flush toxins away followed by a toning and firming mask to revive your skin and aid in its healing.

Ayurvedic Head Massage

A deeply relaxing head, neck, shoulder, chest and arm massage using Ayurvedic oil specific to your dosha type. It works on marma points , which are vital points in the body where the subtle Prana (life energy) is converted, regulated and stored for use by the body and mind. They are also sites of the Tridosha (Vata, Pitta & Kapha). In total there are 108 Marmas throughout the body and 12 of these are classified as Padu Marmas or Vital life centers. Six from the 12 vital life centres are located in the head and neck region. This shows how very critical and vital the head and neck region is in relation to the whole of our physical and psychological functioning.

Ayurvedic Head Massage can help to:

  • De-stress the whole body and aid sleep
  • Increase of the flow of cerebro-spinal fluids, thus strengthening the nervous system
  • Disperse toxins from tense and knotted muscles and improve blood circulation in previously congested muscles
  • Oxygenate the brain
  • Combat eyestrain, tinnitus, jaw ache and sinusitis
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Nourish the hair roots and prevent excessive hair loss
  • Reduce symptoms of insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, indigestion and many others.

Your treatment will last approximately 40 minutes. During your first appointment we will carry out a consultation, so please allow extra time for this. You will need to remove your top (or pull straps down). You will lie on a massage bed and warm oil will be applied to your head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. A facial cleanse will be done to help relax the facial muscles followed by a facial massage targeting the facial marma points. Warm oil will be poured down your spine ending your session in pure bliss. You may wash the oil off straight after your treatment or you leave it overnight to nourish your skin and hair.

Shirodhara (warm oil stream on the third eye)

Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead and can be one of the steps involved in Panchakarma. The name comes from the Sanskrit words shiro (head) and dhara (flow).

Shirodhara (shiro-dar-a) is a unique, blissful therapy that balances and stabilizes the mind. To receive shirodhara, the client lies down upon a massage table with their eyes covered. Next, specially prepared warm herbal oil is poured in a thin steady stream directly onto the forehead and sixth chakra. Shirodhara purifies the mind, alleviates anxiety, reduces headaches, and expands awareness. Shirodhara can be administered  on its own or as part of a detoxification regime.

The oils used in shirodhara are specific to the dosha that needs balancing.

$90 1hr service


Abhyanga (Full body massage)

Abhyanga is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic oil massage therapy for healing and detoxifying Body, Mind and Spirit. This ayurvedic detox and stress reduction therapy is performed by herbal oils. It incorporates an aromatic combination of oils prepared with herbs warmed and blended to your Dosha type. A variety of Ayurvedic techniques is applied to work along the energy channels of your body in a synchronized manner to restore the flow of vital energy, Prana, where it has become blocked. Lymphatic stimulation with ayurvedic herbal oils help squeeze out toxic accumulation from channels. Hence it is DETOXIFYING massage. Warm oil is the best remedy for Vata which is governing energy for healthy body and mind, Abhyanga oil massage initiates deep healing within cells. Hence it is one of the most popular therapy in Ayurveda Body work treatments.

Abhyanga includes -

  • Indian scalp and head oil massage
  • neck and shoulder oil massage
  • feet and legs oil massage
  • hands and palm oil massage
  • back massage
  • belly massage with oils

Benefits of Abhyanga

  • Nourishes mind and body
  • Rejuvenates the whole body
  • Increases longevity
  • Delays aging
  • Relives fatigue
  • Builds stamina
  • Promotes deeper sleep
  • Enhances complexion and luster of skin
  • Cleans your body (detoxify)
  • Helps you avoid stress and enjoy a brightness of the senses (Balance body, mind and soul.)
  • Prevents stiffness of muscles
  • Corrects digestion and blood pressure and enjoy better sleep
  • Mind (Avoid bad thoughts and feel happy)
  • Soul (Only a sound body can bear a good soul)

Ayurvedic Foot Massage

PADABHYANGA is an invigorating, yet deeply relaxing, Foot and Leg massage which works on marma points to stimulate the body’s vital organs. This massage rebalances your chakras and harmonizes the entire body. It can help to:

  • Preserve your eyesight
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Strengthen your immunity
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Reducing swelling in the feet and legs
  • Reducing cellulite (when having a full leg massage)

On the first visit, we will carry out a consultation to determine your dosha type in order to tailor the treatment to your specific needs. The massage is given using special oils for your specific dosha type. The massage is performed fully clothed. You will just need to remove your shoes and socks, and roll up your pants to the knee.

Ayurvedic Hand Ritual

Ayurveda advocates giving the same attention to our hands that we give our face.
Hands are hydrated and soothed using Ayurvedic oils. They are further exfoliated with herbal grains and gently massaged. A mud wrap further hydrates, to reveal a renewed appearance to your arms, hands and nails. This is much more than a manicure as the massages stimulate the energy points (marma points) that release energy blockages and stimulate energy flow to all the systems of the body.


Ether “Akash” Package

• Indian Head Massage
• Ayurveda Facial
• 60 min Abhyanga Massage
• Chakra Therapy
• Steam
3 – 3.5 hours $310.00

Earth “Prithvi” Package

• 60 min Abhyanga Massage
• Ayurvedic Body Exfoliation
• Indian Head Massage
• Chakra Therapy
• Steam Shower
• Herbal detox tea
3 hour service $300.00

Fire “Agni” Package

• 1hr Abhyanga Massage
• Ayurveda Facial
• Indian Head Massage
• Chakra Therapy
• Foot Ritual
• Steam
• Light lunch ( Kitchari )
4 hour service $400.00

Air “Vayu” Package

This package includes the following services:
• Herbal Body Scrub
• Abhyanga Massage
• Foot Ritual with Full Pedicure
• Hand Ritual with Full Manicure
• Ayurveda Facial
• Steam
• Light lunch (Kitchari)
6 hour service $500.00

Water “Jala” Package

This package includes:
• Hand Ritual with Full Manicure
• Foot Ritual with Full Pedicure
• 60 min Abhyanga Massage
• Indian Head Massage
• Ayurvedic Facial
• 60 Chakra Therapy with Reiki
• 30 min Reading
• Steam therapy
• Light lunch (Kitchari)
7 hour service $585.00

Price list

**Please note that any Ayurvedic services booked with our Registered Ayurvedic Specialist, Prenaka, will have a price increase of 20% more than the prices listed below.**

Abhyanga Massage
60 min $110.00
90min $150.00
Ayurvedic Hot Oil Head Massage
30 – 45 min $80.00
Ayurvedic Facial
60 min $100.00
30 – 45 min $95.00
Ayurvedic Foot Ritual
40 min $65.00
Ayurvedic Foot Ritual with Full Pedicure
1 hr 40 min $115.00
Ayurvedic Hand Ritual
30 min $45.00
Ayurvedic Hand Ritual with Full Manicure
1 hr 30 min $75.00
Chakra Therapy
30-40 min $55.00
Chakra Therapy with Reiki
60 min $85.00